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Your loss - its costs

The piping of their industrial plant is subject to a permanent mechanical stress:

- Dynamic loads with vibrations
- Pressure blows as at Pipe Cleaning
- Temperature-related linear expansion

A permanent evaluation and manual damage elimnation is necessary by your own staff to maintain their investment.

Hanging pipelines, such as those used in chemical plants, on pipe bridges, tank farms etc. are fixed with round steel tube brackets.

To date, the metal pipes are mounted in direct contact with pipe bracket made of metal. Since all piping suffer a certain inherent movement due to temperature fluctuations or vibration, will be damaged when the pipes to the point contact points of the corrosion protection and in some cases the tubing so that partially after a short time (1 year) repair action is needed.

In the chemical industry, many pipelines are laid outdoors. But carriers are needed, where the pipes are laid or on which they depend.

In both cases, the pipe must be fixed with pipe brackets. To avoid direct contact between pipe and pipe bracket, a pipe strap pad between pipe and pipe bracket is arranged.

This pipe clip base has a groove in which the pipe clip is arranged form-fitting manner. The pipe bracket base is as long as the tubular frame and it is wider than the tubular bracket. The tube ironing pad is made of a plastic, wherein the plastic is polyethylene.

Furthermore it has the tubular bracket a pipe strap pad and each of its ends a thread, each with a mother and each have each thread a backstop on the pipe bracket, wherein the backstop a sliding plate abuts when the nuts are tightened. The counter-holder in connection with the drive to limit the way that is done with tightening the nuts, so that the pipe can not be squeezed.

For the PE round steel bar in 2010 the patent was granted.

Our solution - your savings

We begin with the cause.

Your tubes are stored in our patented strap, durable gently.

This ensures that you can save subsequent costs for repair work on their pipes by linear expansion, over many years.

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